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Guided mountain bike trips to the summit of Kilimanjaro!

Kilimanjaro Mountain Bike Routes


Currently it is only permitted to cycle on Mt Kilimanjaro with a mountain bike, on two Kilimanjaro mountain bike routes: the Shira and Kilema routes. It is possible to use other routes, like for instance the Marangu route, but cycling is only allowed on very short and limited sections of these routes. This means that mountain bikers will have to (except for the very short sections where cycling is allowed) either push or have a porter carry their bikes on these routes.

The Shira route – a short 2 to 3 day route

The Shira Mountain Bike route is a short 2 to 3 day route which is mainly used for either a short biking Kilimanjaro experience, or as an acclimatization exercise in preparation of our standard 5-day Kilimanjaro Mtb route summit expeditions.


The Shira Mountain Bike route starts from the western side of Kilimanjaro. The route starts with a 4 x 4 track (+/- 16km) from the Londorossi gate (2 100m) that ends either at Shira 1 camp for the 2 day route, or is extended to Shira 2 camp for the 3 day route.

Mountain bikers either book a 2 day / 1 night tour or 3 day / 2 night tour with accommodation tents, followed by an awesome downhill to the Londorossi gate.


The Kilema route

The Kilema Mountain Bike route runs parallel with the Marangu route. The Kilema route is mainly used as an access road by vehicles to bring supplies to the Horombo hut and evacuate medical emergencies from Horombo hut. The route from Kilema gate to Horombo hut is a 4 x4 gravel road that is in good condition. From Horombo hut the route connects with the Marangu route all the way to the summit. Depending on your skill and fitness levels, it is possible to cycle up to 90% of the entire trail.


There are 2 options available for the Kilema Mountain Bike route:


Option A – Spending the first night at Mandara hut, which is cheaper, but more strenuous with more hiking compared to option B.


Option B – Spending the first night at Kilema camp, which is more expensive, but easier with more cycling compared to option A.